ARTIST PORTRAIT by Joachim Krenn, 2018

ARTIST PORTRAIT by Joachim Krenn, 2018

CV & education

* 1989 in Austria. Lives and works in Vienna, Klagenfurt and Neulengbach.

Veronika Suschnig studied Fine Arts and Painting with Daniel Richter, as well as Architecture with Alessandra Cianchetta and Antje Lehn at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Before she completed her Bachelor of Architecture (BSc.) at the Technical University of Vienna. She had been working as assistant and tutor at the Department of Spatial and Sustainable Design concurrently.


Exhibition Awardee 2019, Magdas Hotel, Vienna
Project funding 2018, Academia Scholarship Foundation, University of Vienna
Bank Austria Artprize 2018 (first prize)


Wien Museum, Vienna
Graphic Collection at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

artist statement

Veronika Suschnig‘s complex work, conceptually connects painting, plastics, graphics and sculpture. The artist deals with structures of human and material nature, which she explores and likes to address through her artistic elements as well as socio-political issues. The work acts as a mirror of social processes, without falling into a warning gesture or dogmatism.

Space is a central element, a starting point for her work. Many of her pieces and exhibition displays can be understood and developed through this. Thereby these extend in their expansive three- dimensionality towards its viewers, let them be constitutive part of the work space.

Veronika Suschnig reveals social realities behind these spatial images. Apparently playfully, the artist alternates between genres and techniques; The material she uses is always taken up, questioned and adapted in its social significance. Nothing happens by accident. The results are image objects that seem to be witnesses to the viewer and explore the relations of people, space and society.

This is how Suschnig‘s work, which as part of its emergence, was able to experience numerous influences of various artistic orientations, such as architecture, graphics and spatial design, becomes an expanded pictorial space.

gallery representation

Veronika Suschnig is currently represented by Galerie 3, Galerie 422 and Galerie Rudolf Leeb. Project-based she is working together with Molnár Ani Galéria in Budapest.