Exhibition project awardee @ Magda's Hotel

veronika suschnig awarded with a funded solo exhibition at hotel magdas in 2019/20


Since 2017 Magda's HOTEL has been opening its areas for art in a special cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. This exhibition series grants four art students each year with the prize of a funded solo exhibition in the areas of the hotel.

Inspired by the history of the house, these shows offer space for the encounter of art and people. The presentations of the artists are selected by a jury and are accompanied by extensive media work. Each exhibition is shown for about three months.

The solo exhibition of Veronika Suschnig at Magda's Hotel will take place in January 2020, as part of the open-house of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Rundgang 2020.


(c) Photography by Magdas Hotel

Veronika Suschnig