Gallery ARCC.art will be hosting Veronika Suschnig’s first major solo exhibition DRUGTALES from February to April 2018.

Shown work will be from a project called DRUGTALES itself, detailing with the rise of mental illness in our society and the increase of used psychotropic drugs.

The exhibition will be opened by Dr. Thomas Szekeres, president of the Austrian medical association, together with Antje Lehn, architect and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Institute for Art and Architecture.

Opening on Wednesday, 28th of February 2018, 7 pm
Gallery ARCC.art, Kaiserstraße 76, 1070 Vienna

installation & exhibition views


impressions of the opening

(c) Photography by Joanna Pianka, 2018

Vienna’s roving art reporter eSeL visited the opening. Here are his impressions of the evening.

Veronika Suschnig